What to Bring/What NOT to Bring

What Do I Bring?

•Personal items such as soap, toothbrush, wash cloths, towels, etc.

•Bed sheets, blankets, pillow and or sleeping bag.

•Clothes for classes, sports, and worship. (Please make sure to reference dress code.)

•BIBLE, note pad and pencils for class use.

•Optional: personal sports equipment.

    ie: ball gloves and bats may be brought

    by camper if desired.

•Note:  The camp provides all needed equipment for sports activities, and is not responsible for personal equipment.

What NOT To Bring:

•Radios / Stereos / Stereo Equipment

If you have a IPod, MP3 Player or something on that order that uses ear-phones, you may bring  it, 

but the camp is not responsible for any such item.

•Any weapons, things intended for “pranks” or fireworks are not permitted.