RULE 1:  All campers will follow the schedule of activities during their week of camping.

RULE 2:  All campers must obey the directors, deans, teachers, and counselors at all times.

RULE 3: All campers must wear decent and modest clothing at all times. Do not bring items such as: shorts above the knees, halter tops, tank tops, half shirts, “see through” shirts or biking pants or shorts. (The cooperation of parents is greatly appreciated in this matter.)

RULE 4: No person will be permitted to use any tobacco or any alcoholic products at any time.

RULE 5: Any injury must be reported immediately to the camp nurse and directors.

RULE 6: No camper will be permitted to leave the campground at any time without the permission of the directors.

RULE 7: Boy and girl relationships will be limited to hand holding only.

RULE 8: Each camper will be held responsible for deliberate or careless destruction of camp property.